Increasing Your ROI and Improving Your User Experience around the IBM Rational Solutions

At ENAfocus, our core identity is deeply invested in our 12 years helping IBM Rational customers to successfully invest in, implement and adopt these industry leading IBM Rational solutions. We strive to create long term customer relationships by listening and zeroing in on what’s most important to our customers and then doing everything we can to achieve that desired goal.
Our endeavors focus on every facet of helping you to analyze, purchase, implement and successfully utilize these industry leading solutions. A few examples of where we add the most value to IBM Rational customers are the following:

  • Reducing the costs around new license and software support renewal purchases
  • Organize software purchases within the IBM systems effectively in order to reduce the time spent as well as the frustration associated with interacting with large organizations like IBM
  • Connect with leading IBM Rational technology specialists, product managers, sales management, etc…with whom we have long, personal relationships to help be your advocate within IBM Rational to achieve your desired goals.

Please contact us any time to let us know about a challenge you may be experiencing and/or a productivity or quality gain you are seeking to attain. We hope you will immediately get a sense for our dedication to focusing on doing everything we can to help you achieve your goals and objectives.